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EuroSDR official Publication 61


EuroSDR Workshop Proceedings
High Density Image Matching for DSM Computation Workshop
Vienna, Austria, 16th - 17th February 2012
Editors: Dieter Fritsch, Norbert Pfeifer, Michael Franzen

The workshop was designed to identify the status and trends in high resolution image matching of aerial imagery and to give recommendations to developers from the users (NMCA) point of view. This would also help EuroSDR steer the project.
The workshop addressed a broad community in geoinformation business:
" National and regional mapping agencies, engaged in capturing, generation and processing of digital topographic data
" Researchers working on high density matching algorithms
" Developers and product managers of photogrammetric software for DSM generation from aerial imagery
In two break-out sessions recommendations were made for improving how the projects are run as well as discussing expected further developments of benchmarking.

ISBN: 9789051797923
Number of pages: 100 Pages
Published: YY 08 DD