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The rebirth of the baroque violin

by Fred Lindeman [Kunst, theater en muziek]

How best to approach the performance of early music has long been a bone of contention. The same can be said of the instruments used in playing it. The Amsterdam violin maker Fred Lindeman is a pioneer in this field. His workshop rapidly acquired an outstanding reputation that extended far beyond the Dutch borders.

In the 1960s, Lindeman was asked to consider the question of what violins had looked like when they were first made in past centuries. He also made a study of the bows, strings and other accessories used in playing the instrument.

Prominent musicians in the field of early music such as Sigiswald Kuyken, Marie Leonhardt and Jaap Schröder discussed the topic with him, encouraged him in his quest, and asked him to restore their instruments in accordance with the specifications of those earlier times. Later, museums came with similar requests.

Many beautiful instruments have passed through Lindeman's hands, including exquisite masterpieces. The results of his work can be heard in many concerts and on numerous records and CDs and admired in instrument collections.

Having more or less ceased his restoration work on account of his age, Fred Lindeman has since committed to paper the details of his search to discover the original state of stringed instruments and the changes that have taken place over the years. His style of writing, aimed at professionals and music lovers alike, reflects the same highly personal commitment he always displayed throughout his professional life.

The author, Fred J. Lindeman (born 1932), is the son of Jan W. Lindeman (1890-1971) violinmaker and -restorer in Amsterdam. In 1952, after completing high school, he began as his father's apprentice and became a partner in the business in 1957. After his father passed away in 1971, he continued under his own name. In the mid-1960s he became acquainted with the ideas of the historically informed performance practise and he became a specialist in the converting of modernised stringed instruments to their supposed original state. In 2007 his physical conditions forced him to finish his professional activities for good.

"Fred Lindeman was a pioneer in the fledgling field of early music in the 1960s and was the man many prominent musicians turned to when their desire for authenticity required suitably restored instruments." Shem Mackey,The Strad Magazine Augustus 2011.

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ISBN: 9789051797428
Size: 165x240 mm. (width x height)
Number of pages: 134 Pages
Published: YY 04 DD