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Introduction in energoskopia of man

door Valerie Mujikov [Wetenschap]


Dear colleagues!

In the first place, this book is intended for the doctors who practice reflexo-therapy, physical therapy and different kinds of massage; it is also intended for the people interested in oriental medicine, as well as for those who just want to keep fit.

Surely, every doctor dreams of treating his patients in such a way, as to see their physical condition improve day by day and to avoid crises and complications in the process of treatment. However few of them really know how to make this dream come true. In usual, conventional medicine, practiced in the West, modern methods of diagnostics and a variety of books, containing different descriptions of how to treat patients for numerous diseases, can be of great help to the doctor, who wants to achieve this aim.

Still, this problem is far more complicated, for instance, in the field of reflexo-therapy, in which different methods of instrumental acupuncture channels activity evaluation are just being introduced into every-day practice. If you turn to special literature you will see that one and the same point can be used to treat the patient for scores of diseases; moreover, the majority of books give desultory, incomplete scraps of ancient oriental knowledge based on complicated ideology, which is beyond modern physicians' understanding. In fact, there is no modern doctrine of disease treatment at the channel level cleared of oriental mysticism, understandable to a modern doctor. So under the existing conditions of ideological vacuum, practicing physicians have to rely on their own experience, intuition and 'favorite points'.

For the last ten years a group of physicians from St. Petersburg have been working hard at developing the methods of instrumental diagnostics and body state correction for different kinds of pathology at the acupuncture energy channels level, using computer data analyses to find out general regularities of channel influences in the body.
This book will give you an opportunity to improve considerably the quality of the diagnostics and treatment with the help of the century old ancient oriental medicine used in combination with the possibilities given by modern electronic technology.

Apart from developing the doctrine itself and concrete methods based on it, we have attempted to show the active role of acupuncture channels as the first elementary specific signal system inherent in any living matter, which has the function of regulating influence on the basic physiological and biochemical processes in the human body. The examination of this system with the help of high-accuracy methods enables physicians to carry out efficient monitoring of the person's normal and pathological physical state. At the same time, specific methods of influencing this system allow to correct different processes in the body with a high degree of reliability using methods of mathematic modeling.

Besides, we have tried to bind together the possibilities of modern means of diagnostics and treatment and the perception of a man and his diseases through the prism of oriental philosophy, which, according to our observations, may lead to new effective results.

Mujikov V.G

ISBN: 9789051791037
Formaat: 140x210 millimeter (b x h)
Omvang: 414 pagina's
Verschenen: 15 september 2003