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Prijs: € 23.75 inclusief btw
Verzendkosten: € 4.75 binnen Nederland
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Dewi (Engelse versie)

door Mark van der Laan [* NIEUW *, Romans en verhalenbundels]

Dewi is the story of a Southeast Asian woman and her struggle for fulfilment. She cannot bear the injustice in her country, ruled by a dictator, but for a long time fails to find an outlet for her ideals. One day she gets a job that gives her the opportunity to travel and to meet people of like mind. It is also the onset of her hidden activities. Join Dewi when she travels the natural and cultural highlights of Southeast Asia and feel her pain when love passes her by. In the end she can uncover her hidden activities but not before she has paid a high price. Storytelling plays an important part in the novel as does religion, specially Buddhism and Islam, as something that both unites and divides. The last pages of Dewi turn the truth upside down. But what is the truth?

'A remarkable and sustained piece of writing … authentic and carrying a great deal of feeling and integrity … genuinely original … the descriptive writing is immensely strong … intriguing.'

The Literary Consultancy

ISBN: 9789493172678
Formaat: 140x210 millimeter (b x h)
Omvang: 315 pagina's
Verschenen: 25 mei 2020